Contemporary Abstract Artist

Rhiannon McLachlan | Melbourne, Australia

I am a self-taught artist from Melbourne, Australia. I first began exhibiting a talent and passion for art at the age of 5 and I've had a pencil or a paintbrush in my hand ever since. As a kid my dream was to become an animator and work for Disney - I loved animals and fantasy! But growing up I found a new enjoyment in playing video games. I studied Multimedia at university and in 2008 started working full time as a Digital Artist for a Melbourne game studio. I have worked in the video game industry for 13 years and now hold the title of Art Director and all the while painting or illustrating in my spare time.

There are many other artists that I admire and aspire to be as creative as and this has led to me being experimental with my own style. You will see quite a variety in my works from paint stokes to texture to colour palettes and more. I have dabbled in many art forms over the years but I have always found myself returning to abstract painting.

I love creating art and I love sharing it with people. Contemporary abstract art allows me to do this and see my pieces find loving homes as decor on people's walls.